WWDC 2012 T-Shirts Have Shipped

Our friends at Amplifier just told me that the special WWDC 2012 edition T-Shirts have all shipped out. Most made it out the door from their Austin, TX facility on Monday 4 June, 2012. This means that many of you will receive your shirts in today's mail.

When your shirt arrives, please post a picture of it to Twitter (hashtag #5by5tees), to Facebook, or to the 5by5 Flickr group (for us old-school kids).

My goal was for all US folks to receive their shirts in time for a trip to WWDC. We had to scramble to make this happen and I think we made it, but If you don't get your shirt by the day you're leaving for WWDC and you're in the US, please let me know.

Posted on June 6, 2012 .