Interview with Stephen Hackett

Co-host of The Prompt, Stephen Hackett

Co-host of The Prompt, Stephen Hackett

This week we had the opportunity to chat with one of the hosts of 5by5’s new hit show The Prompt, Mr. Stephen Hackett. The Prompt hit #2 in the iTunes Tech Podcast charts after its debut last week and Stephen was gracious enough to sit down with us to talk a bit about The Prompt, 512 Pixels, other podcasts he’s worked on with Myke Hurley, and more.

Hey Stephen! How's it going?

Stephen Hackett: Oh, hello. It's good. I'm drinking some mango tea since my throat is sore, and it's pretty decent.

You're new around here-- Tell us about yourself.

SH: I am. If I were in Austin, I'd have that awful "new kid" parking spot near the corner of the lot, for sure.

My name is Stephen Hackett. I'm 27 and live in Memphis (yes, that Memphis) with my wife and our two kids. We're both from here, so we have lots of built-in babysitters and support, which is awesome. Our son is a patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where is being treated for a rare type of brain cancer. Right now, he's doing really, really well, and we couldn't be happier with his progress and treatment. I've written about our experience a good bit, but this post is a good overview.

Tell us about your shows, the 512 podcast and The Prompt.

SH: The 512 Podcast, which I did with co-host Myke Hurley, was an extension of my writing about Apple, technology, journalism and design at 512 Pixels. It was on the 70Decibels network, and when moving to 5by5, we thought it was time to make a change, so we badgered Federico Viticci from MacStories into joining us on a weekly panel show.

Since we aren't experts in everything, we're going to be enlisting some smart people to help us out. An army of correspondents will start appearing on the show soon.

The 512 Podcast was actually the second show I did with Myke. The first one, Ungeniused, was equally awesome. One of these days, we'll do a second season.

What inspired you to start podcasting?

SH: I've always been a writer, and Myke really had to convince me to start doing shows. He had me on a couple episodes of one of his old shows and really paved the way for me.

What do you do outside of writing and hosting The Prompt?

SH: I actually just Quit(!) my job, which was at a new community center here in Memphis. Starting in July, I'll be heading up account work at a local web design and development firm here.

What are your interests outside of podcasting?

SH: I've been an avid mountain biker since I was a kid. After a pretty serious elbow injury last year, I'm slowly getting back on the bike. I also enjoy photography and non-technical writing.

What are you reading?

SH: Right now, I'm reading The Mythical Man-Month, which anyone working with nerds should check out.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

SH: I'm super excited about The Prompt and my new job. Also, I love making Arnold Palmers, but people judge you for it in February.

What movies are you most looking forward to this summer?

SH: I'm historically a huge Batman fan, since Superman just seems silly. However, I'm willing to give this new film, Man of Steel a shot. I'm pretty pumped about The Wolverine and Monsters University, too.

Thank you, Stephen! You can connect with Stephen via Twitter and his blog 512 Pixels. Be sure to check out The Prompt on 5by5 or subscribe and download via iTunes.

Please consider donating to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help children like Stephen’s win the fight against cancer and other deadly diseases.