Interview with Moisés Chiullan

5by5 host, Moisés Chiullan

5by5 host, Moisés Chiullan

This week, we caught up with another 5by5 superhost, Moisés Chiullan. Moisés is the host of such shows as Screen Time, Giant Size, The Comic Shack, and The Critical Path. Today Moisés gave us the lowdown on his humble podcaster beginnings, the awesome guests on his shows this week, and later he attempts to clear up the confusion surrounding his obsession with fish.

Greetings, Moisés! How’s it going?

Moisés Chiullan: Great, but exhausted! I recorded 3 episodes of Critical Path in the same week that I cancelled a show by combining it with one out of 2 shows that are relaunching, all within the same 5-day period.

For those that don't know, who are you?

MC: Moisés Chiullan, host of Screen Time, Giant Size, and dutiful student/co-host to Horace Dediu vis-à-vis The Critical Path.

Where are you from?

MC: I always say Dallas, but it's really Garland, Texas...the partial basis for "Arlen" in Mike Judge's King of the Hill.

Tell us a little about your of the shows you host: Screen Time, Giant Size, The Comic Shack, and The Critical Path.

MC: Some news: I just relaunched both Screen Time and Giant Size, and cancelled The Comic Shack. This is all good news, and represents the versions of the shows I've been wanting to do form the start.

Screen Time is now a panel discussion show where we talk to the sharpest minds in tech and entertainment about the future of movies, TV, and videogames. We cover all parts of the process: development, distribution, and consumption. The interviews that previously made up the bulk of the show are now the closing segment each week. It's topical without being a "news" show.

Giant Size now opens with the panel discussion that was The Comic Shack, which focused on bringing new and lapsed readers into comics. Like Screen Time, the interviews with comics creators now form the backend segment of the show. Longer interviews will finish in the After Dark (same as Screen Time).

The Critical Path is really Horace Dediu's show, where one of the smartest minds in tech analyzes everything: sales data, trends, disruption, and recently...the auto industry. I picked up co-hosting duties from Dan, and at Horace's request, the show has become more conversational. My goal each week is to give him good tangents to follow down rabbit holes

Who will be on your shows this week?

MC: Screen Time: The "reboot" episode, broadcasting live this Friday at 11am CST, features Jim Dalrymple, Guy English, and DOOM co-creator Tom Hall. The interview segment is with Acorn Media's VP of Digital Jen Lincke. Acorn are the biggest distributor of UK TV content in the USA.

Giant Size: The "reboot" episode covers Superman Origin Story Retellings, including Man of Steel, with co-host John Gholson and guest panelist Justin Korthof ( The interview is with comics legend J.M. DeMatteis.

Where do you get all of these wonderful guests?

MC: The store.


What inspired you to start a podcast?

MC: I did radio and voiceover work in (and after) college, just as podcasts started being a "thing". I loved listening to radio shows on my enormous first-gen iPod from all over the world, whenever I wanted to do so. It made me feel like you could be anybody with a unique perspective and make compelling content, with nobody telling you "no". Some of the show ideas I had those years ago formed the foundation for both Screen Time and Giant Size.

Doing these was a "someday" thing until I started listening to 5by5. It may have been the now-canonized Back to Work #7: Vocational Wheel that kicked me into gear. I was a dyed-in-the-wool jackal by the first time a title I "showbotted" got picked (#17: Brick Building Full of Lies).

Once I met Dan electronically, we started developing the shows that became the "All-New, All-Different" Screen Time and Giant Size. 

What do you do outside of hosting?

MC: Like for worky-work? I feel like the internet will throw a shoe at me if I say "marketing consulting" or "braaaaand consulting".

For the most part, I do my best to solve problems for small and big companies. Everything depends on the size, nature, and desire of the company in question. It can mean planning and executing events (including selling sponsorships), revising marketing plans, or something entirely different with regard to branding. Marketing is a wonderful and at once awful thing, depending on the implementation. I try to make it better than it often ends up.

What are your interests outside of work and podcasting?

MC: Most prominently, I like doing things that don't feel like work while being off the grid with my wife.

Movies and comic books are obviously big, or I wouldn't do shows centered around them. I have a beagle named Lucy. We have a couple of cats. I enjoy horseback riding. I like acting and singing, and don't do enough of either for my own taste.

What people probably don't know is that, in the way some people are crazy cat people, my wife and I are kinda...crazy fish people. We have three active tanks, including a 100-gallon seahorse setup with honest-to-God PVC plumbing and filtration underneath. Someday, you might hear me tell the story of moving from Florida to Texas with...more than three fish tanks, battery-powered aerators, buckets, and more.

Future Interview: Fish People: The Chiullan Story.

What projects are you working on?

MC: Guesting on more podcasts, picking away at a book I've been working on for a while, and translating another book that will take an even longer while. Securing regular work should probably be at the top of that list, but oh well.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

MC: Regular rainfall in Central Texas, San Diego Comic Con.

What are you reading this summer?

MC: Tons of comic books, Supergods by Grant Morrison, the complete Sherlock Holmes canon, out of print Booth Tarkington novels, and Roger Ebert's Life Itself.

What movies are you most looking forward to this summer?

MC: That I haven't seen? Pacific RimBefore Midnight, The Heat (director of Bridesmaids plus Bullock & McCarthy), The World's End (the final movie in Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead-Hot Fuzz-and this trilogy), and the sure-to-be-hyper-insane Kick Ass 2.

Where can we find you on the internet?

MC: Twitter: @moisechiu ADN: @moises website:

Thanks, Moisés! Check out Screen Time, Giant Size, The Critical Path, and old episodes of the now-retired show The Comic Shack on 5by5 or subscribe and download episodes via iTunes. Don't forget to tune in live tomorrow at 11:00AM CT for Screen Time with guests Jim Dalrymple, Guy English, and DOOM co-creator Tom Hall.