New Features of the 5by5 Website

The new year brings a lot of new things. Not only will 5by5 have new shows, but we also added new features to the website as well.  

Upcoming Episodes

On the home page, you will find “Upcoming Episodes” underneath the “Broadcasts” section.  There you will find a list of the upcoming episodes for all the shows with information about the guest (if there is one), date, and time (EST).  

Questions and Comments

If you click on the episode under “Upcoming Episodes”, you can find a new section called “Share Your Questions And Comments”.  You can write comments and questions for the guest if you can’t make it to the live recording.  [Please note that the Pipeline episodes are pre-recorded so the date is actually when it will be posted.]

Available via iPad and iPhone

No need to use the JustinTV app anymore. You can now easily listen to 5by5 stream on your iPhone and iPad by going to  

Thanks for tuning into 5by5!  Don’t forget to rate your favorite episodes on iTunes!

Posted on January 12, 2011 .