The Mixdown

Hello 5by5 community,

I’m Anthony Stauffer, the co-host of a new 5by5 show that’s launching today. At 2:00pm EST, Dan Benjamin and I will broadcast live the first episode of “The Mixdown.” It’s a talk show about audio/video recording and broadcasting.

It’s not a show for professionals. We’re not recording albums, or shooting films. So we won’t be discussing $4k mic preamps, or 4k camera systems.

Our studios are home studios, our destination is the web. I plan, record, and edit blues guitar lessons at Dan plans, records, and edits the 5by5 podcasts. Both of us have to navigate a confusing array of online services to distribute our content.

So we’ll talk about our respective setups, discuss and explain the gear we choose. We hope you’ll ask lots of questions too. Because in the end, this show is about what you want to do, and the things you want to learn.

Tune in today (Friday, July 16th) at 2:00pm. We’ll be pulling back the curtain on Dan’s deceivingly simple studio setup that allows him to make these awesome podcasts. 

We hope to see you then :-)

Posted on July 15, 2010 .